Did you see a straight line of lights moving through the sky over the weekend? It's a batch of 'Starlink' satellites that were launched into space last Wednesday (4/22) as the rocket released this group of 60 satellites into orbit. (These satellites will allow internet access to remote areas on the planet) The satellites are still close together and can be seen in a straight line in the night sky.

The satellites will start out low on the horizon in the Western sky and will start sometime around 10 minutes before 9 PM and will eventually fade into the southern sky.

The best time to see them in Eastern Iowa Monday night will be around 9:08. Look to the west and the train of satellites will be moving south.

According to space.com, each satellite weighs around 500 pounds.

You can use the website heavens-above to see where they'll be in the future, before they spread out.

Credit: ViralVideoLab via YouTube
This photo was taken by Dustin Deeny in Decorah on Sunday night:

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