The Apollo space missions in the early 1960s and '70s were without a doubt a memorable time in history and thanks to an upcoming free event hosted by Jackson County Conservation, visitors can head to Maquoketa to see some memorabilia that was part of that incredible history.

Check out authentic moon rocks from the Apollo

The event starts at 6 p.m. at the Hurstville Interpretive Center in Maquoketa, located at 18670 63rd St. The weather ahead for the next day or two looks treacherous, so this could be an incredible event to help cure your cabin fever. However, you do need to register 48 hours in advance by calling Jackson County Conservation at (563) 652-3783.

Iowa native is a presenter and Apollo mission worker

On hand to make a presentation and take questions will be Bruce Droessler of Maquoketa, who worked on the Apollo missions. Droessler will share his experiences and present memorabilia items he collected as a launch technician. This even includes a signed launch procedure signed by astronauts who went to the moon.

More information is available from the Jackson County Conservation website

They give a full description of the event as follows and on their website.

"Hold real rocks and soil samples brought back by the Apollo astronauts from the moon in your hand! Dave Gossman of Zwingle and Bruce Droessler of Maquoketa will present about the Apollo missions that collected these samples from the moon and how we got there and back. Following the presentations, participants will be able to view (and hold!) moon rocks and other items from the Apollo missions. At 6:45 pm, a one-hour video will be shown about how the astronauts were trained to be field geologists for their trip to the moon."

The Cedar Rapids Gazette also has more information.

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