New ‘Star’ Can Now Be Seen in Iowa
If you look up to the sky on a clear Iowa night, the naked eye can see around 2,000 stars. Now, there’s 2001 that you can see.
First spotted in March using a small telescope, a Nova -- the sudden appearance of a bright, "new" star, that slowly fades --- occurred near…
Chinese Rocket is Falling to Earth, Seen in Iowa
A giant chunk of a Chinese rocket that launched on April 29 is zipping around Earth in low orbit — and no one is for sure where it will land.
The core of the 22.5-ton rocket will reenter Earth sometime soon and is nearly 100-feet long and over 16-feet wide...
How to Watch NASA’s Rover Land on Mars on Thursday
On Thursday, February 18, for the first time in nearly a decade, a rover will be landing on Mars.
The most recent rover to touch down on the Red Planet was ‘Curiosity’ in 2012. The Insight Mars lander reached the planet in 2018. (A ‘Lander’ stays stationary after landing on a surface, while a ‘Rover’…

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