The "Busch Guy" comes through again offering some soon-to-be happy couples "a years worth of Busch, for a lifetime of happiness". Aww, touching sentiments.

Jeffrey Hamilton

In all seriousness though, it has to be very stressful for couples trying to plan a wedding this spring or summer. Most weddings take at least a year of venues, finding a caterer, planning a honeymoon, etc. Then came along Covid-19 and "threw a wrench into it"! Luckily, Busch is offering free beer a year for couples whose weddings have been affected and postponed by COVID-19.

The sweepstakes ends May 1st. 250 winners will be picked on May 2nd in a random drawing. If you have a friend whose wedding got postponed, you can also enter by tagging the couple and use the hashtags #MyFriendsWedding and #Sweepstakes to try your chance at winning Busch merchandise. 50 winners will be selected May 2nd.

Here's some of the competition you're up against below - so make your entry good and GOOD LUCK!

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