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[Watch] Iowa Man Gives Chickens Busch Light
This Tik Toker Patrick Winheim shared a hilarious video on the social video sharing app of him feeding some chickens. I may not be much of a farmer, but I do know that you usually give them feed or corn of something...not beer. Maybe the hops and grain is similar to their usual diet...
The Brass Tap in Cedar Falls Closed For Several Days
Sunday through Thursday the Brass Tap is open from 11am to 10pm, and on Friday & Saturday 11am to 12am. If you walked by the restaurant Monday evening for some beer then you were as disappointed as I was to see the eatery's doors were locked and lights off.
Iowans Can Get Alcohol From 3rd-Party Apps
It looks like Iowans will soon be able to order their favorite spirits through third-party delivery apps like GrubHub, EatStreet, and DoorDash.

As reported by RadioIowa, some major moves in the Iowa legislature is putting the possibility of getting your booze delivered at the touch of a button on t…
Best Beers Made In Iowa Ranked
Iowans love their beer, and they have every right to be picky about it! Not only are there some GREAT breweries here, but some of the best beers are actually made in Iowa. No, I'm not exaggerating. According to every beer snob's favorite website the Beer Advocate, these home state beers ar…
Saint Charles Brewing Company Changes Name
In the statement on the company's website, officials say that they feel like this is a more accurate representation of the company's brand identity. While the name of the company will change, the ownership of the classic brewing restaurant will not.

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