The writing is on the wall: Masks are becoming more and more mandatory with each passing day (see all the businesses in the C.V. that require 'em now - or keep scrolling). KWWL reports the Waterloo East Trojan football team is preparing by selling masks with the Trojan logo as a fundraiser.

Jarred Johnston, the teams coach and fundraiser organizer says the proceeds will help the team take on any unexpected costs stemming from the effects of the virus. The team will also use any additional monies to purchase cleaning supplies which will help the team take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. As of this writing, the team has sold 141 masks, and appears to be gunning for 200.

The masks cost $15 and can be purchased here. Don't wait too long, the final day to buy a Trojan mask is Saturday, August 1st.

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