COVID-19 is playing a huge role in the 2020 election, both nationally and locally. You can't go 15 minutes without hearing either a political ad, a COVID story (like this one) or both. Unfortunately the risk doesn't appear to be seeping into our psyche...

The Courier reports Iowa is now number 9 nationwide for COVID-19 cases per capita. That's up from the number 10 spot prior. Depending on which source you're following, Iowa's confirmed COVID cases are at nearly 96,000 (as of this writing, this radio station is reporting 95,886 cases). The Des Moines Register reports the White Houses' own Coronavirus Task Force has called many of the cases and COVID deaths in Iowa preventable. Example, many nursing home outbreaks are due to careless employees bringing COVID into the nursing home - not family, as visitors are limited.

What's the solution? Certainly if someone knew, they'd be rich and we'd be over COVID. Other countries like South Korea eliminated COVID with strict stay at home orders. While that's not likely to fly here. I know I don't personally want that. Vaccine? That will help I'm sure, but isn't likely a magic bullet. Until you can kick COVID, best we stay smart... if that's possible in 2020.

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