Parent's be aware of what your kids are watching on Youtube and Facebook and even what they are doing on the Facebook sponsored app Whatsapp, as there is a new "game" going around involving violence and it is aimed at kids.

This "game" is called the MoMo challenge which has the main character as an creepy, scraggly haired, big eyed woman avatar (artwork of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, but is not associated with the game) who is known to hack into people's cell phones and social media accounts. During the "game," players are sent disturbing graphics and instructions demanding them to perform acts of self-harm including suicide all to meet the "MoMo" character or they may face a consequence of having all private information shared online. Some also report that if they tell their parents or police of the game they will be cursed and their families will be harmed.

Although, this was originally seen as a hoax in 2018, the video has returned and some countries are claiming the game has been related to several deaths while the U.S. has not confirmed any relation at this time. Police are still warning parents to monitor their kids movement on the internet because this "game" is a very real threat.

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