I guess all those burgers you ate this Labor Day Weekend could make your future offspring um, healthier? Yep. A new study found that having a protein deficiency can mess with a guy's baby-making material.  And if they don't get enough protein while trying to conceive, it can negatively affect their kid's health.

Researchers found that when male mice didn't have enough protein in their diet, their offspring were more likely to end up overweight, and show signs of pre-diabetes. There is one important side-note though... It turns out it's somewhat uncommon for guys in the US to have a protein deficiency, because we eat so much meat and cheese in general.

So unless you're a vegetarian, adding extra protein to your diet might not do you any good. In general, there are healthier ways to get protein anyway. Things like fish and chicken have a lot, without all the saturated fat you'd get from a burger. But, I hear eat more cheeseburgers and that's all I need for motivation!