It's been over 40 years since the mighty UNI-Dome became a fixture of the skyline in Cedar Falls. Easily seen from as far away as the University and Waterloo Road round-a-bout, the University of Northern Iowa now plans to replace the Dome’s fabric roof.

A report from the Courier says  that the project could cost anywhere from $7-8 million. The potential project was advanced by the Iowa Board of Regents’ property and facilities committee on Wednesday. Fabric accounts for 25% of the roofs surface. Deterioration was discovered consultants hired by the school in 2019. In 2020, minor repairs were done on the roof, but it will need to completely within 3 years.

The other 75% of the roof is a plastic polymer that was installed in 2010. It is under warranty until 2040. The fabric portion was last replaced in 1999. The Courier report also says documents indicate a better fabric will be used to replace the current material.

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Prior to the stronger material used on the UNI-Dome now, the roof has had numerous issues in the past. One occurred back in 1994, the roof, at the time an air support roof, collapsed in a snowstorm. It has since been replaced by a more permanent metal roof. The UNI-Dome first opened in February 7, 1976. The first fabric roof was installed just over 20 years ago.

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