Major work on a two-year construction project is nearing completion in downtown Waterloo.

Weather permitting, the Iowa Department of Transportation plans to reopen the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 63 between Jefferson and Franklin Streets Monday morning (Nov. 19, 2018).

Starting at 8 AM, northbound traffic currently routed onto Mullen Ave. will be moved back to 1st Street. A section of Franklin Street, which has been closed for reconstruction at the intersection with 1st Street, is also scheduled to reopen.

Once traffic has been switched, signals currently flashing all red will revert to red, green and yellow cycles.

After northbound U.S. 63 traffic is moved back to 1st Street, Mullan Ave. will return to a one-way street. Some lanes closures will be necessary so workers can remove pavement markings that were in a head-to-head traffic configuration, IDOT officials said.

Remaining work on the U.S. Highway 63 project between Jefferson and Franklin Streets is slated to be completed in early 2019. According to IDOT officials, lane closures will occur on 1st Street in the spring to install the remaining sidewalks, brick pavers, and sodding.

Between Franklin and Newell/Conger Streets, U.S. 63 will remain closed until at least Nov. 2019. A bridge is being built to carry highway traffic over the Canadian National railroad crossing. Workers are in the process of demolishing the old railroad overpass and pedestrian bridge, which are being replaced with an underpass.

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