October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Black Hawk County Sheriff's office is doing an amazing thing to show some support.

According to officials, 30% of all new cancer cases for women in the United States are breast cancer, and it's the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer for this population.

My family was also touched by this awful disease. Last year, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. After nearly a year of treatments, procedures, and some scary moments; she is cancer free.

We are still facing some anxieties about the disease, but for the moment things are looking up.

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, officials from the Sheriff's Department confirmed that they will start up their Pink Patch Campaign once again.

Sheriff Tony Thompson said in a press release that the department will be wearing and selling pink patches in support of the Beyond Pink Team (Cedar Valley Cancer Committee).  

Black Hawk County Sher'ff's Office
Black Hawk County Sher'ff's Office

In a press statement, Black Hawk County Sheriff officials are adamant about showing their support to those who have been affected by Breast Cancer.

"If you see our officers wearing the pink patch, know that we are trying to help those who work against and battle this horrible disease every day.  We champion those Cedar Valley Champions with this simple gesture."

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