"You're only as old as you feel"..."age is just a number"...a couple of good sayings to go by in life...

There's nothing more BORING than acting your age. Which is why so few of us do it, apparently. Personally, I just took another step, shall we say toward the mid-50's and to celebrate, I spent all day Saturday having fun on my brother's pontoon on his farm pond. I did my best to hang with the kids...swimming,tubing and going down the water slide. It was a great day of NOT "acting my age". And, other than being a little sore and tired, I can honestly say it was all very worth it! According to a new survey, two-thirds of adults say they, quote, "don't always act their age."

Here are the 10 kid activities, we still love to do now that we're older...

1. Play board games.
2. Watch cartoons.
3. Pop bubble wrap.
4. Watch Disney movies.
5. Blast our music.
6. Watch kids' TV shows.
7. Play mini golf.
8. Color a picture.
9. Play with Legos.
10. Go down a slide.

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