Human beings are very socially interactive, it's in our nature. However, sometimes we don't want to be social or something prevents us from following through with plans already made. According to a new survey though, during summer the average person has 31% more social events in the summer than other times of the year. So, we try to be more social and not bail as much during this time of year.

However if you are looking for excuses to get out of plans, because let's be honest we just don't want to be social all the time, then I have you covered. The survey also found the top reasons that we cancel plans, so below are the top reasons that Iowans cancel their plans.... or some ideas to help you out if you want to cancel plans.

1.  Bad weather.

2.  Feeling sick.

3.  Too tired.

4.  Just didn't feel like going.

5.  Too busy with work.

6.  Wound up double booking two events at the same time.

7.  Binge-watching a show and didn't want to stop. (You honestly can't say you have never done this!)


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