Never been a fan of the phrase, "Nothing's impossible".

There are millions of things that are impossible. You can't jump over a house, you can't drink a gallon of milk inside an hour, and you can't sleep for 24 hours straight (even though we might like to).

But as far as everyday things go, here are the top 3 things that are just about impossible to accomplish.

3. Folding a fitted sheet by yourself.

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Even if you have a friend that says that they can fold a fitted sheet by themselves, you'd never believe them in a million years. Even if they fold it in front of you, they are still probably lying. It's not possible to do by yourself.

2. Getting the shampoo and body to run out at the same time.

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If I have a 16oz bottle of shampoo and a 16oz bottle of body wash and I pour the same dab into my hands every day.... they will NEVER run out at the same time. There is always a glitch in this matrix.

1. Driving home with fast food and not sneaking a french fry or two.

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I have gotten home with an empty french fry box before. It's such a bummer when it happens but oh so good when you are driving home and having some fries on the drive.