Are you dealing with a Valentine's Day hang over? Maybe you had a great time yesterday but had a few too many and are now sitting at work with a massive headache and just feeling blah. Well, I have a solution to help, get greasy food!

Usually, all of us get hungry when we are drinking but then we all seem starved once we are hungover and just want some greasy goodness to fill our bellies and make us feel a little better. But where should we go for that good food?

Well, a new survey had people rank their favorite places to eat when they've got a bad hangover and created a Top 10 list of the most popular places to eat when hung over. Here are a few ideas for you today or another day because let's be honest if you have been hung over once, it will probably happen again. (Note: Some of these places are not in the Cedar Valley or Iowa but are included to give you ideas for if you are hung over in a place that has these restaurants.)

1.  Waffle House

2.  IHOP

3.  Taco Bell

4.  Denny's

5.  In-N-Out Burger

6.  Five Guys

7.  Wendy's

8.  White Castle

9.  Carl's Jr

10.  Jack in the Box

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