If you thought this day was celebrated on Valentine's Day, whelp you were wrong! It is actually celebrated on the day after Valentine's Day. Although, on the actual holiday of Valentine's you may feel like it more accurately makes people aware of how single you are, this day should be used to celebrate the best things about being single.

If you are questioning what good can come out of being single, well there are many things that I have learned I love being single and want to share with you. Below is my Top 5 best things about being single and hopefully it will help you have a better outlook on your life and enjoy being single rather than dwelling on being bitter and alone.

1. You have the entire bed to yourself! I don't know about you, but even having friends stay over and share a bed is the worst thing because you just want to stretch out and be able to enjoy your bed, not worry about someone else being next to you and rolling on top of them.

2. You can watch what you want on TV whenever you want. No more arguing over what to watch or only being able to watch your favorite reality show when your significant other (SO) is not there, enjoy your TV all the time.

3. You can eat an entire pizza by yourself and not be judged  or have to share. That's right, enjoy stuffing your face with pizza!

4. Speaking of food, you do not have to worry about labeling your food so your SO does not eat it. Who else gets extremely upset when you are looking forward to coming home to your left overs and find out your SO ate them!

5. You can blast whatever music you want in your house or car and sing at the top of your lungs without being asked to turn it down or off. Rock on y'all!

So enjoy the time you have being single and party on!

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