Steven and Ashley Evans are aware that their little family might not fall into what's considered 'normal,' especially in Iowa.

The young, married couple has had a difficult journey with infertility and decided they'd go an alternative route to have children -- adoption. The white couple and their adopted black son, Abriel, live each moment to the fullest, celebrating the fact their family has come together.

Given their unique situation, the trio has garnered a significant following on TikTok, where viewers of their videos can enjoy playful, fun videos of the couple interacting with their son. Abriel is now two years old.


Due to their massive following of 1.1 million followers, Ashley has been able to quit her full-time job and focus on managing their social media instead. With the substantial amount of attention the family receives, they can now make a living on TikTok Creators Fund and ad sponsorships.

This is what she told The Cedar Rapids Gazette in regards to what it was like before her career change:

I was busting my butt to make a fraction of what I’m making doing social media full time. I didn’t have time to shoot content, work, and take care of Abe (at the same time). I decided now’s the time to try this out and see where it takes us.

Steven, who works on more of the creative side of it all, writes scripts for advertisers. The pair do a majority of their advertising without Abriel in it. They post their content on YouTube and Instagram as well as TikTok.

With the increase in fame, the couple determined it was best to sign with a Los Angeles Firm that represents social media influencers -- Shine Talent Group. After several months with the firm, they were approached by an agent regarding the idea of putting a book together. By the end of 2022, they expect to release a book narrating their journey through infertility, adoption, social media, and family challenges. It will be through the Fedd Agency in Texas.

After the publishing of the book and a children's book down the road, their ultimate plan is to get on television. They're thinking of a reality TV show.

While they soak in all the newly-acquired fame, the trio continues to do their best to spread joy and inform others on what it's like having an interracial family. They're making the best of it every step of the way, and Ashley believes the best is yet to come:

We have had a lot of opportunities open up because of social media. We feel like we have a big year ahead of us.

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