Want to make a pretty easy $10,000? You don't have to leave Iowa. Or, even move to the middle of nowhere. All you have to do is move to the city of Newton. Yes, it's that easy and, there's really no catch.

NPR has a story about cities in the heartland, like Newton, that are looking to attract dynamic workers. Aside from $10K, you also get the benefit of much lower taxation and, affordable living. You see, this program isn't aimed at folks already in Iowa, it's aimed at people who can work anywhere (because they work from home), and don't need a huge metro like a Chicago, an LA or even New York City. All which come at a much, much higher cost of living. These so called 'laptop-workers' have only increased since the start and spread of COVD-19; and it can be assumed there will be a lot remaining after the pandemic is over.

Roman Gorielov
Roman Gorielov

In addition to Newton, other cities giving potential residents this incentive includes Topeka, Kansas, North Platte, Nebraska, and Hamilton, Ohio among others. Newton, Iowa is in Jasper County and as of the last census, has a population of just over 15,000. It's roughly a hour and forty-five minutes southwest of Waterloo. It's also only about 30-minutes away from Des Moines on I-80. You can get more information about the city and the $10,000 initiative here.

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