There's nothing like warm pie in the winter. Throw in some ice cream to balance it all out and you will immediately have my attention.

Therefore, I will be definitely be visiting the Kozi Pie Shoppe, which recently opened its doors at 213 West Water Street in downtown Decorah, Iowa. The small, family-owned business offers 'local delivery and pick up of pies,' and is 'focused on sourcing local ingredients and providing sustainable wages and lifestyle for its employees,' according to their website.

If you're looking to place an order, you will have a barrage of options to choose from with 25 different sweet options as well as four different savory choices.

Some of the sweets include cranberry orange cheesecake pie, honey bee apple pie, maple pecan pie, peppermint patty, and more.

The four savory pies that may serve as the main course of your meal include a spinach artichoke, broccoli ham, and green goat quiches along with quiche lorraine.

While the main focus at the location is pie, the shop also sells cakes! Choose between a half-dozen cupcakes and eight-inch round, layered decorated cakes to suit.

And guess what? If you don't have time in your busy schedule to stop by the Kozi Pie Shoppe, FREE local delivery is offered within 30 miles and a $10 minimum purchase.

Liz Lesser, otherwise known as Chef Kozi, is the one behind the whole operation in Decorah. According to the shop's site, Lesser "has been working with food for the last 20 years,"  and has specialized in pies over the last decade. She remains "Focused on local and community she prides herself in supporting local farmers and producers."


A self-described 'transplant from Minnesota,' Chef Kozi came to Decorah in 2018. This is what she had to say about the choice to move:

I was looking for a forward-thinking community to raise my children with access to nature and local farmers. Decorah was the perfect fit.

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