If you're throwing a Super Bowl party this Sunday, besides having a giant TV, and great food...it's important to know what beer to have on hand.

A new survey found the beers that people watching the Super Bowl are most likely to drink, and there really aren't many surprises. Bud Light tops the list!

YouGov BrandIndex asked Kansas City and San Francisco fans...“Have you purchased from any of the following alcoholic beverage brands in the past 30 days?” Bud Light came in 1st place followed by Budweiser (or Bud "heavy" as I like to call it).

Looking beyond team loyalties, Bud Light and Budweiser are still the favored beers among Super Bowl watchers (those who watched the "Big Game live in 2019), followed by Corona, and no Coronavirus is not spread through Corona Beer!, Samuel Adams and Coors Light.

I have a few problems with this list. First of all, they made them choose from a list of brands...so that MUST explain why, one of my favorite beer brands, Leinenkugel, didn't make the list. Also, I don't consider Mike's Hard Lemonade, White Claw or Redd's Apple Ale to be beers.  But whatever, and they obviously didn't ask any Iowans! Busch is listed at the bottom, but NO BUSCH LIGHT? That's blasphemy!

Courtesy - You Gov
Courtesy - You Gov

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