I love old homes. I'm not sure if it's because I currently live in an old home, if I love the look of old but well-maintained homes, maybe I like that there's history to the home. Or maybe it's all of the above! But it was so fun to see that a St. Paul, Minnesota home was featured on a popular Facebook page recently called 'For the Love of Old Homes'.

'For the Love of Old Homes' features old but beautiful homes from around the country and this time, they picked a Minnesota home to feature. It was built in 1931 and it's so pretty! The price tag fits that too, it's currently listed for $989,000.

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Incredible 1930s Home in Minnesota Featured on 'For the Love of Old Houses'

'For the Love of Old Houses' features old but amazing homes from around the country and they just recently featured one in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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