I love Reddit. Something as simple as a picture can create fun conversations that go on for weeks. That's what's happened when someone shared a picture of the water tower in Lake City, Iowa and it has inspired all kinds of questions.

This Reddit post was shared by someone who's working in Lake City, Iowa and noticed something unusual about the water tower. Pay special attention to the slogan. The print is kinda small, but it reads "Lake City, Everything But a Lake".

The comments have been both funny and educational. One person said...

Little town North of Lake City is Fonda. I remember a sign there going " Everything but Henry".

Yet another ended up on a rabbit trail that led to an online book of city name histories which explained how Lake City got it's name. They said it was named for a creek that came out of a lake. Duh.

That led to someone who mentioned the community run theater in Lake City that at least used to have $2 movies. Good times.

Janitor Kari (the user name, really) chimed in:

Nice little town, Lake City. I think they have a place that restores pipe organs there. The do good job with Christmas decorations too.

Then someone argued that Lake City really isn't a "city" either. You just can't please some people.

Love or hate Lake City, you have to appreciate a town that isn't afraid to show their sense of humor on a water tower.

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