Someone on Reddit asked people to name the dumbest thing they've ever heard someone say in public. And some of the responses are AMAZING! Here are a few favorites, in no particular order . . .

1. "I don't need to get vaccinated, my dad's a chiropractor."

2. "It's pretty crazy that Black Friday actually falls on a Friday this year."

3. "I'm vegan, but I still eat chicken and turkey."

4. Someone at the DMV overheard employees talking about how slow the internet was. Then one of them told the other person to, quote, "shake out all the wires, because sometimes information gets caught in there."

5. "Earth must be flat. Because if it was round, it would bounce."

6. Someone on a plane overheard another passenger say, "I think this is the same cloud we went through on our last flight."

7. "What animal is a ham?"

8. Someone asked a farmer, quote, "How long does it take the meat on a cow to grow back, so you can cut more?"

Here's a few more good ones that some of our listeners contributed;

9. "Is social media defined as public"? (yah, that's kind of the whole

10. A cashier was trying to explain to a customer why an item she wanted to buy wasn't on sale, and her reply was "you expect me to READ"?

11. A restaurant manager shared, that one evening a woman came up the elevator and proceeded to ask me: "Does this elevator I came up on also go down?

Be careful out there, we're surrounded by dumb people! Leave a comment below, with the dumbest thing you've heard someone say!

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