I'm a huge Apple products fan. Their devices have hurt my bank account like no other companies over the past decade, and I'm mostly ok with it to be honest. As you can imagine, I was really excited for Apple's iPhone 12 announcement yesterday. Literally everyone already knew everything about these phones because leaks have been abundant, but it was still fun to finally see 'em get their time on the virtual stage.

If you missed it or aren't a tech buff, the iPhone 12 lineup (there's four new phones that will bear the name iPhone 12) features 5G speeds, a first for an iPhone; though, many higher end Android devices have had this capability for some time now. But for me, this is the least exciting new feature for an iPhone. Why? Because for me, it won't be usable. I'll explain.

I have Verizon. According to their own coverage map, my home in Cedar Falls, and my work here in Downtown Waterloo, are not in the 5G coverage area. I'd have to venture down to Cedar Falls or Des Moines for 5G coverage. The same appears to go for AT&T although their coverage map is...difficult to read to say the least. Now US Cellular does have 5G coverage in and around the Cedar Valley but it appears spotty. The real winner here is T-Mobile and Sprint (they're the same company). Check out their map. They seem to have the Cedar Valley well covered with 5G reception.

So for me, I'll be upgrading not because my iPhone Xs Max is no good anymore. It's still great. I just start to itch for that new, bigger, better every couple of years. And hey, when Verizon does rollout 5G in the Cedar Valley, I'll be all set to take advantage of it.

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