As 2020 draws to a close, say good riddance with a Holiday Dumpster Fire.

If you're the kind of person who puts a fire on a screen in your home at the holidays, you'll surely enjoy this fire with soothing, festive music.

Presenting: "A Holiday Dumpster Fire" (below)


2:40 - 2020 planner is torn up and added to the logs.
5:36 - Crack open a cold one.
9:00 - Hand Sanitizer is applied to hands, then directly to the fire.
12:22 - Stockings are hung with care.
15:15 - Toilet paper is roasted over the open fire.
23:19 - That ugly tie you gave them gets turned into ashes.
25:16 - A bra gets Torched
29:04 - Face masks added.
35:16 - The poker is disinfected with sanitizing wipes.
38:25 - A Business 'OPEN' sign is thrown onto the fire.
51:45 - Those travel plans can go right into the fire.
58:40 - The lid is closed on 2020, and the fire is put out. 

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