Man Edits His Cat into Hollywood Movies (VIDEOS)
Meet Lizzy, a two-year-old cat from Portland, Oregon.
She's gone viral for showing up in blockbuster movies. Her cameos are created by filmmaker, animator, and cat-dad, Thibault Charroppin.
Lizzy goes by the professional name, Owl Kitty, and her videos have gained over one million …
Black Cat Writes Horror Music on Keyboard
YouTuber/Cat Owner Los Lomas uploaded a video of his Black Cat cautiously walking across the keys of his electric keyboard and in doing so, created some dark, atmospheric, scary-as-hell horror movie music.
Makes you wonder why black cats have always been associated with witches, evil and bad luck...
Google Just Added More Augmented Reality Animals
Looking for a time waster today while you count down the days 'til the Holidays? You can hang out with a giraffe, a zebra, or maybe a penguin courtesy of Google. They just added 50 new animals using augmented reality tech on your phone. Just search for an animal, then tap “View …
Puking Kitty Gravy Boat
Looking for the PURRfect gift for that special someone? How about a 'Puking Kitty Gravy Boat?'
The gravy boat comes in two different colors: blue and black. The white version will be available in mid-November.
The porcelain boats are microwavable...
Man Gets Knocked Out By a Cat (VIDEO)
There's so many strange things are going on in this video. You'll have to watch it numerous times just to enable your brain to take it all in.
A cat falls from who-knows-where, lands on a man's head, which immediately knocks him unconscious...

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