Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been all over social media, radio, and television the last few weeks. Considering the potential implications -- the possibility of World War III -- it makes sense. The issue at hand is already having effects on Iowans too, including our farmers and another increase in gas prices.

For some, it's a much more direct impact, though.

Laura Irena Yoder, a Ukrainian native who lives in Dubuque, is living in a constant state of worry and fear, as her son TJ is currently living in the country with his wife and son.

According to KWWL, her son sent her videos on Thursday of "bombings, artillery strikes, and the miles of cars lining up at the Polish border." TJ and his family moved out of the capital, Kyiv, this week and closer to Poland due to the insistence of his mother.

While Laura was speaking with the news station yesterday, TJ called and informed her of some tragic news.

He will not be allowed to enter Poland.

This is what Laura said regarding the issue:

My son wanted to take his wife and his son, 15 months old, and their dog. To take it to Warsaw or US, where they could fly. But they don't let men from 18 to 65 years old to leave the country.

That's what her son was told at the border of Poland -- Ukrainian men between those ages would not be allowed leave because they will be drafted into the country's army. TJ said this is his focus now:

I'm trying to get my wife to the border, to the Polish border or whatever, and then I'm going to go fight I guess.

As KWWL says, "At the time of the call, TJ's wife did not want to separate, however their 15 month old son has severe neurological issues that needs medical treatment within the next few weeks. The family was unsure what tomorrow would hold."

En route to the border, TJ said he saw military jets consistently flying over and heard bombings.

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