I think that it would come as surprising news to Iowa farmers that their lifetime of hard work could be turned into a video game, but it has. A new video shows someone that has turned farm work in Farmersburg, Iowa into a computer game.

If you live in the great farming community of Farmersburg, you're likely to be entertained by this. A gamer loves what you do enough to plow their own fields on their laptop. The game is Farming Simulator 19 and they've carved out their own version of your town into it. Watch and behold what is possible with technology these days.

The idea behind the game is you take over fields to plow, seed and harvest and there's even an economy where you take your crops to market to sell so you can improve your farm and/or buy more land.

I grew up in a family that did a lot of farming and it never seemed like something I'd want to turn into a game. My grandma worked long days to take care of her farm and she likely wouldn't be amused by all this.

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If this seems like a really fun way to spend your time and you have a decent laptop or console, you can find out more about Farming Simulator on the official game website. It's available for PC through Steam, X-Box and also Sony Playstation.

Oh, by the way, there's a brand new Farming Simulator coming out later this year if you'd like to act like you're working the land in Farmersburg or anywhere else in our beloved agricultural state of Iowa.

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