The Cedar Falls police have completed a compliance check on 40 city businesses in a joint effort with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division to insure tobacco products were not being sold to minors. According to a press release, seven businesses were reported to have violations:

  • Bani’s, 2128 College St, Cedar Falls.
  • Casey's, 601 Main St, Cedar Falls.
  • Prime Mart, 2323 Main Street, Cedar Falls.
  • The Landmark, 107 Main St, Cedar Falls.
  • Casey's, 2425 Center Street, Cedar Falls.
  • Prime Mart, 2728 Center Street, Cedar Falls.
  • Metro Mart, 103 Franklin St, Cedar Falls.

The compliance check is performed under the supervision of law enforcement. A customer who is underage is sent in to the business, and will attempt to purchase tobacco, alternative nicotine, or vapor products. If they are not successful, the businesses is considered compliant. If the minor is able to purchase the product(s), the businesses is in violation.

The report details the criminal penalties for selling tobacco, alternative nicotine, and/or vapor products to a minor are likely to include a $135.00 fine if its the businesses for offense.

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