As the weather starts to turn chilly during the latter part of this week, you may be running out of chances where you can get outside and enjoy autumn's changing colors without freezing to death! Luckily for you, a virtual tour of Iowa's prettiest trees are right here on your computer or smartphone. You can stay warm and comfortable right there on your couch.

As we explored recently, with the Top 13 Fall Things To Do In The Cedar Valley and NE Iowa, there's plenty of fun things to do this fall in our state. One of them, is checking out all the trees with their beautiful changing colors. My aunt in California, pointed out to me how much she misses the changing seasons. That made me think of how much we take them for granted. As we head into the third weekend of October, the fall foliage interactive map shows that we're running out of time before the leaves are completely dropped and it's a bare landscape, basically until May. Here in mid-October, areas north of highway 20 are at their peak and areas south of highway 20 are near their peak. Keep up to date with the Iowa DNR's fall color report, right now they're saying that "the leaves are dropping fast in northeast Iowa due to the recent windy days, but there is still plenty of color" and "fall leaf color is peaking in central Iowa right now".

So, get out and enjoy Iowa's colorful scenery before it's too late, while you're at it, take some photo's to share. We want to see your photo's of your favorite trees. To submit your photo (or photos), go to this station's Facebook page or email:

Now scroll down for a virtual tour of the Cedar Valley's and northeast Iowa's beautiful fall colors:

Cedar Valley/N.E. Iowa's Beautiful Fall Colors - Photo Gallery

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