Fall is officially here. There are many reasons that the season is my favorite. The cooler temperatures, fall festivals, and of course the leaves changing colors. It always amazes me the rich palette of colors we're treated with each Autumn. Many of us travel just to view the trees as they change in the fall. But this year has been hot and dry across the Midwest. How will the dry conditions affect our fall foliage?

The first fall color report was released this week by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. It confirmed what many people already knew. The drought conditions across portions of Eastern Iowa have caused some trees to start changing colors earlier than normal. All portions of the state are reporting at least some trees beginning to turn colors. But most of us really want to know when the peak time for viewing the fall foliage will occur. The DNR says that based on current conditions, this is when Iowa can expect the leaves to look their best!

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • For Northern Iowa, the peak will occur from the last of September through the second week of October
  • For areas in Central Iowa, the peak will happen between the 1st and 3rd weeks of October
  • For areas in Southern Iowa, peak leaf viewing should occur the 2nd through 4th week of October.

Don't wait too long to enjoy the fall colors. Warm October temperatures could mean less vibrant colors and also cause the trees to shed their leaves earlier than normal. Here's hoping some cool, crisp, fall temperatures are on the way soon!

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