The season of Fall is here and so is the season of Iowa's corn and soybean harvest.

As of Wednesday, 9/29, the USDA says that around 18% of the state’s soybeans have been harvested – above the five-year average of 11%

As of September 26th, nine percent of the state’s corn has been harvested, which is slightly above the five-year trend of 6%.

Across the nation, there are over 93 million acres in 2021 and over 87 million acres of soybeans.

**Ames is near the center with the Des Moines metro in the bottom center.

Iowa is the top corn-producing state in the nation -- and has been for at least the past 20 years. The Hawkeye State was first in corn production in 2020 despite both drought and the damaging derecho occurring during the season. Iowa produced almost 500 times more corn than Utah, which ranks #41 in US corn production by state.

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