Summer in Iowa is severely underrated. Beer gardens, live music, county fairs, and temperatures that aren't below zero degrees. It's basically paradise.

There's going to be an addition to that list this summer, at least in the Hawkeye State's capital.

As reported by WHO13, the Red Bull Soapbox Race will take place in Des Moines on June 18 of this coming summer. It will take place on Walnut St. near the Capitol in downtown. These races are regarded as “one of the world’s wildest downhill races.”

According to the Red Bull website, "Soapbox challenges the most fearless, fun-loving and foolhardy teams to prototype and create the wackiest of rides. Up for it? Then prepare to propel your car to the finish line and hope gravity is on your side. Welcome to the pinnacle of non-motor-racing!"

For contestants, there are only three rules Red Bull says you must  play by:

1. Safety: Fully functioning brakes and steering are required

2. Creativity: What we're looking for is the outrageous, the preposterous, and the ostentatious! A soapbox should be an extension of its team. It's wild. It's crazy. It can be anything they want. It just can't be ordinary.

3. Main Rule: This event is, first and foremost, a race. Therefore, the fastest one across the finish line is going to be looked upon favorably. Take note though, that one actually has to cross the finish line in the vehicle.

As added on the site, there is a level of risk involved, and there are terms and conditions of participation.

And, I mean, it makes sense. Just watch these:

Applications to participate in the race close on March 18.

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