'Healthy beer' kind of feels like an oxymoron, but it's here anyway.

The company behind Sam Adams just created a new beer called 26.2 Brew. And they say it's a great beer for after a workout. It's around the alcohol level of a light beer, plus it's made with Himalayan sea salt to help replenish your electrolytes.


Now, it's definitely NOT as good after a workout as water or Gatorade, but if you like having a beer after a workout, maybe it's a better option than that. You probably won't get drunk off it, but if you have a couple, you may trick yourself into thinking your workout is making you look jacked. Quick, get me a 12 pack!

Would you try this? Other than the fancy Himalayan sea salt, is it really any different than a regular light beer? My guess is only in the price tag. Cheers!

(SOURCING: New York Post)