While meth and its addictive powers are no laughing matter, you have to wonder what exactly these marketing people were thinking.

Maybe this is the definition of "idiot genius", but South Dakota just unveiled a brand new anti-meth campaign. And the slogan they chose is getting some attention because...well...The slogan is: "Meth. We're on it." Wait...WHAT???

What they MEAN is that they're on top of the problem and trying to take care of it. However, plenty of people on social media are interpreting the slogan more literally...like it's saying that everyone in South Dakota is on meth.

South Dakota's governor, Kristi Noem says she doesn't mind that people are making fun of the accidental double meaning on social media. She says the goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about South Dakota's meth problem and she says that's DEFINITELY happening. So, Noem says it was "accidental", that tells me that they didn't think about the possible double entendre. Are South Dakota officials tone deaf to the blight of methamphetamine use? Or is this marketing at its best? You decide...

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