Wearing only in a t-shirt and a pair of grey underwear, Florida man took a 9-mile ride on the hood of a semi on Saturday afternoon.

Video taken by other motorists show the driver of the semi trying to wiggle the man off the truck's hood as it rolls down the highway.

So what happened? According to the Miami Herald, he was driving another car, then for whatever reason, left his vehicle, walked across the highway, jumped on the hood of the semi and began punching the windshield with his hands and smashing it with his forehead.

Fist-sized cracks can be seen in the semi’s windshield.

Florida Highway Patrol eventually stopped the truck and apprehended the man.

Troopers said that the man’s hands and forehead were bloody from punching and head-butting the windshield, and he was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

***WARNING: Uncensored Language in Video***


Credit: Billy Corben via Twitter

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