Hey Siri, show me the most perfect casting of 2021.

Nicolas Cage is going to be Dracula.

Frankly, no more needs to be said than that, but okay fine, here are additional details, via The Hollywood Reporter: Cage has been cast as the famous bloodsucker in Renfield, an upcoming film that focuses less on Dracula and more on his sniveling assistant. That role will be played in the film by Nicholas Hoult, while Chris McKay — who directed The LEGO Batman Movie and moved into live-action earlier this year with Amazon’s The Tomorrow War — is directing.

As for the plot, THR says “it is unclear how Renfield takes on the dynamic as plot details are being kept in the coffin, but the project is described as a modern-day adventure story that is comedic in tone.” The original idea for the movie came from Robert Kirkman — the creator of The Walking Dead comic book — but the script was written by Rick and Morty’s Ryan Ridley.

So you’re telling me the guy who did The LEGO Batman Movie is making a horror comedy about Nicolas Cage as Dracula? Just in case you’ve never seen Nicolas Cage’s previous vampire film, Vampire’s Kiss, here is a brief sample.

Can you pre-order tickets for a movie before it is made?

While this will be Cage’s biggest movie in a few years — it’s being produced by Universal — he’s been doing some interesting indie films lately (and, yes, a lot of quickie direct-to-video action movies as well). Earlier in 2021, he starred in Pig, and gave one of his most subtle and moving performances of his entire career as a former chef who’s become a hermit but returns to the Portland culinary scene after his beloved truffle pig is stolen. It sounds silly but it’s a really beautiful little film.

To be clear, we still want to see Cage go full Vampire’s Kiss again in Renfield. But we just want to point out that Cage absolutely still has some amazing performances left in him.

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