Facility finance issues were on the ballot in three northeast Iowa school districts on Tuesday (Sept. 12, 2017).

A $6 million bond issue was approved in Dunkerton. Money generated from the referendum will finance the demolition of a 94-year-old section of the school building, and the construction of a new two-story, 24,000-square-foot addition to replace it. The measure passed with 83-percent support. Unofficial totals show 267 voters favored the measure, while 53 were against it.

In the Edgewood-Colesburg School District, voters rejected a $7 million referendum that would have paid for air-conditioning updates, window replacements and other maintenance items. The measure garnered only 41-percent support, with 312 voters saying "Yes" and 450 saying "No".

The other financial issue was a physical plant and equipment levy (PPEL), which was on the ballot for the first time in the La Porte City-based Union School District. Voters there approved a property tax increase to pay for school infrastructure projects and needed equipment repairs, as well as purchases. District-wide, 68-percent of the residents who cast ballots favored the levy. The vote totals were 434 "Yes" and 204 "No".

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