The short answer depends. 

While sports betting is legal in the state of Iowa, it isn't so for everyone. In the summer of 2019, sports betting became legal in the Hawkeye State, and with the NCAA basketball tournament taking place for the first time since the pandemic broke out; there's going to be a whole lot of gambling taking place.

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In a statement to RadioIowa from the Racing and Gaming Administrator, Brian Ohorilko, that while sports betting is legal in the state of Iowa, it is limited to people who are 21 and up. Those underclassmen who are betting on Iowa to make it to the championship?

Yeah, that's apparently against the law.

“The sports operators have a very robust age and identity verification process prior to letting people sign up for accounts.”

There are some stringent measures and verification tactics that those involved in these sort of dealings are required to do. Some of these measures are similar to that of credit card security measures.

Racing and Gaming Commission
Legal Sports Betting States:

1. Nevada

2. Delaware

3. New Jersey

4. Mississippi

5. West Virginia

6. New Mexico

7. Pennsylvania

8. Rhode Island

9. Arkansas

10. New York

11. Iowa

12. Oregon

13. Indiana

14. New Hampshire

15. Illinois

16. Michigan

17. Montana

18. Colorado

19. Washington D.C.

20. Tennessee


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