I love family history. The study of first and last names. I love to look and follow my last name all over the states. Of course with the last name Ford, my last name is EVERYWHERE. So, does it show in the state of Iowa? Nope. So, what are the most popular last names in the Cedar Valley and surrounding counties.

According to the Iowa DNA Project's website, the following last names are the most popular in  Black Hawk County and surrounding Counties. See your last name? Then be careful not to date your cousin.

Black Hawk County: Belt, Whaylen, Corrigan, O’Neill, Stewart, McNaughton, House, Purdie, Mallett, Richmond, Bates, Robinson, Kerns, Beirschmitt, Duffy, Kane, Forrestal, Burns, Flaherty, Kennedy, Harned, Singer, Robertshaw, Olsen, Jensen, Hansen, Morgensen, Baer, Bender, Buehner, Call, Carpenter, Fuller, Hare, Haun, Meisch, Neisen, DuBois, Kelly.

Bremer: Harned, Singer, Baer, Bender, Buehner, Call, Carpenter, Fuller, Hare, Haun

Buchanan: Leach, Chicken, Grim, Duffy, Kane, Forrestal, McCloskey, Kinney, Clark, Harned, Singer

Butler: Bigsby

Fayette: Glass, Pangborn, Kappes, Bodensteiner, Vanginderhuyser, Wise, De Temmerman, Georgi, Kern, Amundsen, Kerns, Beirschmitt, McCloskey, Gifford, Johnston, Tope, Mittelstedt, Wroe, Burns/Burnes, Clark, McCann, Houlsworth, Perry, Wait/Waite, Finch, Kuhens/Kuhnes

Grundy: Campbell, Whitehead, Miller

Click HERE for info on the entire state of Iowa.

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