Millions of mosquitoes invaded the Kamchatka Peninsula in far east Russia and terrifying videos and photos of ‘Mosquito Tornadoes’ have exploded onto the internet.

According to the Siberian Times, this is ‘normal.’

This is an annual event, and local residents are more than used to it, but they agree that it might cause a bit of panic among unprepared visitors.

The ‘tornadoes’ are part of a mosquito mating ritual, where hundreds of thousands of males swarm around one or more females. But the males don’t suck blood, so this type of tornado is mostly harmless, it just looks frightening.

From a distance, it actually looks like a real tornado of dust and dirt. But they are actually made up of millions of bloodsuckers.

This happened in Louisiana last year when farmers in the Bayou State lost hundreds of cattle due to massive swarms of mosquitoes after leaving the animals weakened and exhausted.

How many mosquitoes would it take to kill a human? Business Insider reported in a story in 2016 that it would take over one million mosquitoes to drain a person dry.

Iowans deal with the annual Mayfly hatch when they number in the millions and show up on weather radar as they did in 2020. The radar for the National Weather Service in La Crosse, Wisconsin, showed a mass appear over the Mississippi River on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border into Iowa in Allamakee County.


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