Illinois winter weather has been wild this week. We've experienced a little of all four seasons, including this nightmarish-looking tornado in the middle of the night.

Illinois Weather Forecast


I'm not a meteorologist, but I rely on them to provide as accurate a forecast as they can that I can share with 97ZOK listeners.

On Tuesday (2/27) morning, still smiling from a gorgeous February Monday (those 3 words don't often go well together), I had to share the most ridiculous forecast ever. This is how I opened the show:

Today will probably be another record-breaker with expected highs in the 70s. We get to spend half the day in sunshine and warmth.

From there, it could be a thunderstorm with strong winds, hail, and heavy rain. Then that rain could turn into snow.

The only thing I know for sure is that our temperature will take a huge nosedive into the teens. There's even a small chance that the night includes a tornado, but the forecast says it's pretty unlikely.

UNLIKELY! A tornado was the thing in the forecast that I believed was the weather event with the least probability of occurring.


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There were several reports of tornadoes on Tuesday night in northern Illinois.

Not only did Illinois experience tornadoes in all the weather craziness of the last few days, but they came in the middle of the night. And from the Hinckley, Illinois footage shared by the Weather Channel, it looks creepy as hell.

Nocturnal Tornadoes

Below this Nocturnal Tornado warning from The Weather Channel is a link to what happened in Hinckley.

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Creepy Hinckley, Illinois Tornado Footage

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