It's been a rough week or so in Newton, Iowa. Last week we told you about the Newton bar owner who was arrested for not following COVID-19 social distancing rules. Today, a Newton man was arrested for going maskless to a hospital, and then threatening to sneeze on the hospital staff.

KCCI reports Jerad Oldham, 40, was arrested at MercyOne Hospital in Newton on September 15. Newton allegedly destroyed about $150 worth of hospital property, and became irate at the notion he had to wear a mask while in the hospital. After attempts to de-escalate failed, police were called and Oldham reportedly threatened to sneeze on hospital staff members. Luckily, no one was injured... or sneezed on (that we know of). Oldham was charged with assault and fifth-degree criminal mischief. And, wouldn't you know it, he ended-up spending the night in jail. His court hearing is on September 30. Let's hope he wears a mask to the hearing...

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