In Lafayette, Louisiana, a multi-vehicle crash caused a standstill of traffic on a bridge over the Atchafalaya River Basin Friday.

Jimmy Jennings thought it'd be hilarious to pass the time by jumping from the bridge, which was caught on video.

Jimmy was free falling for quite awhile before hitting the water (about 100ft down), and he later posted on Facebook saying it wasn't a good idea to jump.

He said his shoulders were sore and he was "only alive thanks to his faith and rescuers."

"When I hit the water, my shoulders went up, and I had to start swimming," Jimmy Jennings of Lafayette told KATC.

He said he soon found himself on land nowhere near where the bridge was visible.

Jennings said he tried to find help by riding an ATV he found nearby, which was about the time he realized he was on an island.

"I then took a boat around, and rode it until I ran out of water," he told KATC.

Jennings said eventually the police were able to find him, and the police weren't happy.  "They all had their guns drawn on me, told me get on the ground, I listened to them. They put me in handcuffs," he told the news network.

A friend, Khory Vaughn said Jennings was arrested by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents, according to WBRZ.

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