26-year-old Kyle Burgess was on a run in Slate Canyon in Utah on Saturday and saw four small animals in front of him.

Thinking they were bobcats, he pulled out his phone and started recording. Before long, the mother showed up and she was not happy to see Kyle.

They were NOT bobcats. It was a family Mountain Lions. The mother would end up stalking him for six minutes as he retreated up the trail.

He said that every time he reached down to pick up a rock to throw at her, she would lunge at him. He kept retreating and yelling at her until he was finally able to pick up a rock to throw. It hit her and finally she took off running back to her litter.

According to Deseret News, he waited about 30 minutes before heading back down the trail, this time holding a stick and rock in his hand. There was no sign of the mother and her kittens. He was uninjured.

Kyle wrote on his YouTube page:

I found what I thought were bobcats on the trail during a run. Turns out they were cougar cubs and their mother was not happy to see me. She follows me for over six minutes acting very aggressive while I walk backwards up the trail.

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