The trend for women having kids in their 20's seems to be disappearing as we continue into 2019. Historically, women used to be married and have kids by the time they were 16, then it became taboo to have a teen pregnancy and women were getting married and having kids in their early 20's. Now it is unheard of to be married at 16, and with a kid and if you are it is not necessarily a good thing, and the average age women are having their first child is their late 20's.

According to statistics released by the CDC late last year, women are having their first child around the age of 27 which is a 1.3% year increase from the last averages that came out in 2007. There are no clear reasons as to why this has changed but many speculate it is due to rising costs of baby care, lower paying jobs, not finding a partner early on and just wanting more freedom and leisure time.

What do you think? Would you wait to have a kid until your 30's? I probably would and just enjoy my 20's. For all the statistics and information, check out the full article here.

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