Well if this isn't an incentive to have a baby, I don't know what is! Pizza Hut has announced that they are celebrating the Super Bowl in a unique way this year. They are offering free pizza for a year to the parents of the first baby born after kickoff!

Pizza Hut said that parents who want to enter in on this contest, have to post photos of their newborn on Twitter along with the official time of birth, the company's tag and the hashtags #PizzaHutSpecialDelivery and #promotion.

So if you are not a happy, expectant couple, well sorry but you are kind of at a loss for this contest because it takes a few months to have a baby in case you didn't know. For those of you whom are expecting soon, the race is on! Who is going to be the winner! Well, I mean you are all winners for having a baby, but honestly the pizza is more important now, right? Priorities here people!

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