It’s been nearly three years since we last got new music from the Clarksville native. On Friday, Maddie Poppe launched herself into a new era of music, and this time she’s the one calling the shots.

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When Poppe won the 16th season of American Idol several years ago not only did she win inarguably one of the most popular singing contests in the world, but she also struck a studio deal with Hollywood Records.


The musician clearly is grateful for the amazing experience of Idol and working with Hollywood Records, but this also came with some challenges.

When Poppe created her last album Whirlwind she only had a limited time to put the record together.

“They told me I had 42 days to make that album,” Poppe said.

Also, during that process she had a group of songwriters to work with and pitch songs for her. She didn't really get to have a say in much of the writing process.

"I wasn't able to be a writer on every song, they didn't have time," the singer explained.

"Everyone was telling my story for me and I was just singing it."

She has since parted ways with Hollywood Records and has set out on a new and completely independent music journey. This time around, she's had her hand in every single step in the production process.

"I feel like every song has a big part of me in it and I was able to tell my story."

Her newest song 'One That Got Away' dropped Friday morning and is a bit of a departure for her. The sound is different from anything we've heard from the Clarksville native before. It is a unique sound that is quintessentially Poppe.

After listening to the song for the very first time I got a bit nervous. The track is a full-out breakup anthem, and Poppe delivers sincere vocals that make you wonder what man screwed her over.

Was that man Caleb? Her boyfriend that she met and fell in love with on Idol?

No, don't worry! The couple is still together!

The song was actually written about a friend who recently went through a breakup. It also signifies a "breakup" from some toxic people in Maddie's own life and the music industry.

The K-Country Morning Show will delve more into that on Monday, May 2nd with Maddie Poppe.

In the meantime, make sure to check out Poppe's newest song 'One That Got Away' down below or wherever you might stream your music.

Poppe is not sure when fans should be expecting her next album, but make sure to follow along with her and us on social media.

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