Kiss delivered a super-sized version of their current End of the Road show during today's Kiss 2020 Goodbye live pay-per-view concert from Atlantis in Dubai.

The 22-song set was virtually identical to the one the band was playing before the COVID-19 pandemic forced them off the road earlier this year. But the stage was much bigger. During the pre-show promotional film, it was revealed that Kiss has two identical End of the Road stage sets, and put them both together to create the largest stage they had ever played on.

There were a few minor changes made to the show, however, possibly out of respect for local customs and beliefs. Gene Simmons didn't spit blood during his bass solo, and the words "bitch" and "virgin soul" were removed from the lyrics of "100,000 Years" and "God of Thunder."

Considering the fact that the live audience was all on hotel balconies far away from the stage, they made a very impressive amount of noise throughout the show. The band sounded and looked great and the beachfront setting, the gigantic pool in front of the stage and the massive amount of fireworks detonated throughout the show combined to create some stunning visuals.

Kiss, Kiss 2020 Goodbye Set List
1. "Detroit Rock City" - from Destroyer (1976)
2. "Shout It Out Loud" - from Destroyer (1976)
3. "Deuce" - from Kiss (1974)
4. "Say Yeah" - from Sonic Boom (2009)
5. "I Love It Loud" - from Creatures of the Night (1982)
6. "Heaven's on Fire" - from Animalize (1984)
7. "Tears Are Falling" - from Asylum (1985)
8. "War Machine" - from Creatures of the Night (1982)
9. "Lick It Up" - from Lick It Up (1983)
10. "Calling Dr. Love" - from Rock and Roll Over (1976)
11. "100,000 Years" - from Kiss (1974)
12. "Cold Gin"- from Kiss (1974)
13. "God of Thunder" - from Destroyer (1976)
14. "Psycho Circus" - from Psycho Circus (1998)
15. "Parasite" - from Hotter Than Hell (1974)
16. "Love Gun" - from Love Gun (1977)
17. "I Was Made for Lovin' You" - from Dynasty (1979)
18. "Black Diamond"- from Kiss (1974)
19. "Beth" - from Destroyer (1976)
20. "Strutter" - from Kiss (1974)
21. "Do You Love Me?" - from Destroyer (1976)
22. "Rock and Roll All Nite" - from Dressed to Kill (1975)


Kiss End of the Road Tour Opening Night Photos

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